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Facebook Audience Network

Just because we are talking about Facebook, doesn't mean our ability to reach the right customers at the right time depends on your prospects actually being on Facebook. It's confusing. It's also true. Especiilay true for Mobile Device Marketing.

Facebook ads work because they’re personal, relevant and easy to measure on both desktop and mobile. The Audience Network brings these same powerful features to additional app-based mobile experiences, giving marketers even more scale for their Facebook campaigns.

The Audience Network uses the same targeting available for Facebook ads today, including Custom Audiences, core audiences and lookalike audiences. It features the same measurement tools marketers use for their Facebook ads, too.

Extended reach with a single click. Think of this like a Internet-wide Whack-a-Mole game - virtually wherever your best local prospects are online, we can reach them - Mobile, In-Apps and Social.

Facebook Lead Ads

Sorry to drone on about Facebook BUT... say good bye to landing pages with the Lead Ads program. 100% of those prospects we are targeting can sign-up for your products, services or data collection contest with 2 clicks. No more long, empty forms - Facebook already knows who every Ad is served to. So, if someone is interested in what you have to say they can get more information with 2 simple clicks. 

YOU get their contact information "Automagically" sent to your sales team or CRM. Simple, high click to sign-up conversions for pennies compared to direct mail and other forms of direct response advertising.

Direct Mail to Mobile

Virtually ANYTHING you want to mail can be delivered faster and with far less expense using Online targeting. Simply send us your Mail creative and mailing list and we will find those same people online, convert your mail piece to digital equivalents in as many different sizes as the networks require and start serving your message to the right prospects or current customers within hours - not weeks. We can typically reach 70% of all recipients in your mailing list AND we can reach them MULTIPLE TIMES for no additional cost. Here's something to consider; we can also replace your static art work with video content at no extra cost - imagine if a postcard could do that. We can. 

Political & Public Advocacy, Public Affiars Outreach

Building a coalition is more than simply growing a database of email addresses. List quality and the message used to acquire those constituents is the foundation of growing a coalition that can be used to mobilize real supporters to the voting booth.

A step beyond building the list, addresses is how a coalition database is organized – audience segmentation. A.M operates knowing that different demographics (though bonded by a common goal) will respond very differently to various messages.

Our approach: deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time

Facebook Messenger & Web-based Chatbot Technology - Natural Language Processing and A.I.

Currently chatbots are widely used as part of messaging platforms like Facebook MessengerSnapchat, and Kik for  B2C marketing and customer service. Companies like Pizza HutDisney, Yamato’s Line and Whole Foods have launched their own chatbots to increase customer engagement, promote their products and services, and give their customers a more convenient and easier way to interact with them, 24/7. We integrate this emerging technology with our Facebook and Lead Ads campaigns as a way of Lead Scoring and as a low cost way to easily connect an interested consumer with one of your sales representatives at the moment they are ready to buy. 


Our team has been working on these Bots for close to a year now. We have some amazing advantages that are allowing use to do things many in the emerging A.I. arena simply can't (yet ;-)

1. We are working directly with Facebook Ads to integrate 24/7 chatbots into all Facebook Audience Network Ad units. This means what you used to have to rely on Direct Mail and a Call Center for, we can now do in a far superior (and much less expensive) way. Essentially, your mailing list is converted into an online Custom Audience that allows us to reach most of your prospects or current customers on Mobile, Desktop, Tablet and even inside of some of their most popular smartphone Apps. Unlike Mail, we can reach them with a number of impressions (at no additional charge) and test multiple offers all in real time. This allows us to quickly determine what offers are working the best and optimize our campaign dollars efficiently. (A/B testing). Simply put, we can do less of what is not working and more of what is, in near real time.

2. It can be a two-way conversation... if you provide us with a list of new business license holders, for example, we can target our Ads to reach them and them, completely through Bot-powered intelligence, communicate with them, verify they are who they say they are and even engage in additional data gathering questions. After the interaction is complete, we can "write' all of the additional information back to your CRM or database. This allows you to determine if additional products might be offered to individual prospects.

3. Options. Because a big part of my team works on international Bots, we were invited to participate in Amazon's "Lex" project. This is the same A.I. or Natural Language Processing that powers Alexa. So, we can even offer a voice-Bot. This way if clients prefer to interact with spoken word instead of typed, they only need to click a link to convert the text chat into a voice chat - 24/7 no humans required. (We do recommend a "hotline" link during regular business hours that will allow prospects and customers to access a live employee from your company for those who don't wish to engage through Bots in any way.)

4. Some of the workflows we have imagined: As current customers transition from one life stage to the next, their product and/or service interests and needs are likely to change. We work with Acxiom Data and their PersonicX segmentation system to keep us up to date on these changes. 

Assume we were running life-stage assessments quarterly on all of your existing customers. (We only need name and address to do this so no PII, HIPPA or SAS 70 risk) We might be able to see that some number of families have had new children. Others may have experienced divorce or have recently become empty nesters. Still others may have lost a job or gained a new one. The variations are endless BUT once we understand your complete product offerings and what life changes occur to trigger the need for those products we will be able to create an automated approach to moving prospects from one Segment to another, all automated and all capable of offering multiple products to the appropriate folks at the appropriate time. Data driven marketing, automated.

5. Reporting and Push Communications. Not only are all of these interactions captured and reported on in great KPI detail, customized to your company's needs, the very act of engaging with these Bots carry additional benefits. For example, by choosing to initiate a chat, the consumer is granting permission for that Bot to engage in conversation with that person for future offers. Similar to granting permission to send email, these customers and prospects can now be communicated with via push-messaging from your company using the chat client. This can happen from your own company website or Facebook. Imagine being able to use Chat the way we used to be able to use Email before it became the Spam magnet it is today and before all the clutter of the modern Inbox.

Ready to speak to us about some of this? Good! We’d love to hear from you.


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