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Sometimes we all write like Dummies™

Jim Bonfield, Senior Vice President, Discusses CustomerLink’s smrt™ Technology in Popular "Small Business Marketing Kit For Dummies™" Series.

CustomerLink Systems, a company that specializes in using consumer data to automate auto repair shop marketing, is featured in Barbara Findlay Schenck’s third edition of Small Business Marketing Kit for Dummies, released this week. One of the popular “how to” series, the book showcases CustomerLink’s exclusive smrt™ technology, which provides detailed customer analysis for small business owners to take the guesswork out of marketing decisions.

Additionally, CustomerLink Senior Vice President Jim Bonfield advises on how different customers respond to different media channels and messages and how to obtain customer information and put it to work for a small business. Readers of the book are then encouraged to take advantage of a free offer, available through 2013, to use smrt technology to receive their own customer analysis and locate new high-value prospects.

“CustomerLink extends readers an invitation too good to miss,” said Schenck. “After uploading customer records at a secure site or answering a set of demographic questions, readers receive a free smrt analysis of their local trade area where likely new customers reside. This offer, and Jim’s advice on how to make business-to-customer outreach effective and accountable, delivers a huge added-value benefit to readers.”

“We’re pleased to be part of Barbara’s book and provide this information to small business owners, who we believe are the heart and soul of our economy,” said Mark Hockridge, CustomerLink’s founder and CEO. “By providing them with more detail about their customers than they ever guessed possible, we make it easy for them to reach the right customers at the right time with the right marketing message.”

About the Author

Barbara Findlay Schenck is a marketing strategist and small business advocate, a bestselling author of four For Dummies® business books and a nationally syndicated small business columnist. Learn more at www.bizstrong.com.

About CustomerLink Systems

Since 2000, CustomerLink has provided automated marketing programs to automotive repair facilities and other service industries. Using unique consumer data and reporting technologies to drive its customer retention, online and new customer marketing, CustomerLink makes it easier for small businesses to find, develop and retain high-value customers, helping them grow and improve profitability. Learn more at www.customerlink.com.




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