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New Heath Insurance for Tech Makers, Sellers, Other Smart People

A good friend of mine and the technology community here in Sacramento is HackerLab Co-founder Gina Lujan... She started a new Health Coverage Group for those of us working in technology services and needing health care.

Best news for recent past CustomerLink employees - This is through the same broker that treated us so well these past many years - Tevis.

Read below...

"Hello Friends and Startup Colleagues,

As you know we launched HackerCare a month or so ago. We are currently needing 85 more people to launch this awesome plan for our national startup community. We need your help getting the word out. We only have a few days left (3) to reach the deadline for a May 1st activation date, which will help people avoid that nasty tax penalty.

So 85 more is the magic number to make this happen. Can you please share this via your channels. A tweet, a FB shout out, newsletter, and any shares would help tremendously. We may have emailed you earlier and we still need your help. This is an important issue for our community and finally we are on the way to filling this void.

Thank you so much in advance for supporting the tech and startup community.  Please feel free to email  or call me directly with any questions! 510-421-1786 Thank you!!


HackerCare Health Insurance Overview

  • HackerCare offers two plans that utilize the full Aetna PPO network
  • Family rates start at $980
  • Individual rates start at $250
  • Small businesses: please contact the Kevin Grenz directly
  • An innovative Deductible Co-op Pool is available. Pool members will be able to submit their deductible expenses for reimbursement
  • Need 100 people total to participate

Dental Plan Overview

  • Dental HMO – very low cost; smallest network
  • Dental PPO 1 – see your own dentist; preventive care
  • Dental PPO 2 – major services; orthodontia

Differences between Covered California & HackerCare

Apply for insurance coverage hereOr speak directly with the insurance broker:

Kevin Grenz, Tevis Insurance Solutions

kgrenz@tevisins.com   |   (844) 442-2537 EXT 2

Who should enroll in HackerCare?

  • Hackers/Developers
  • Makers
  • Designers
  • Freelancers
  • Startups/Small Biz
  • Anyone in the tech and maker industry




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