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From May 2012 - Jim Bonfield's Blogger.com

"The link below, I posted last night after giggling myself silly. Some of you may "get" the comedy in these randomly produced phrases and some may not. Below, are some of my favorites produced last night..."

"Is this a boy which I see before me, the road-map toward my Pac-Man arcade machine? Come, let me write a song about thee".

"I wish Hong Kong Phooey wouldn't carve little figurines of me"!

"Oh, how I wish I was butterscotch..."

"Candles and bugs - I wish they'd ponder me".

"I am a rhythmical rapscallion".

"I'm a level 5 Little boy, in motor boat-world! I've got a magic apple pie and everything"! (This one reminds me of my good friend, Mike Testa. He is the protector of bears.)

"How dare you attract my rotating hammer"!

"I wish you wouldn't smile at those bowls".

"Your mother was a calendar and your father smelled of shrubs".

"Why isn't my merry-go-round vibrating"?

"Ooh, I could taint a clock"!

"I wish Godzilla wouldn't attach electrodes to me".


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